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CodeTitlePDFSubjectDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe HoursStatus
FL131 Amazing new Products Launched during & after the Pandemic Products02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMTricia Osuna$0.003.00Sold Out
FSL150WC Best of Life for Rest of Life: Retirement Guide for Everything but Money Finance02-24-20228:00 AM9:30 AMTed Buckley$0.001.50Open
W100 Minimally Invasive Exodontia Techniques Workshop Oral Surgery02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMJohn Alonge$695.003.00Open
L130 Dental Suite Design & Equipment/Instrumentation Clinical cases in dogs & cats Veterinary Dentistry02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMStephen Juriga$80.003.00Open
L126 Excisional Biopsies of Common Oral Lesions by Diode Lasers Lasers02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMJuliana Barros, Shalizeh Patel$80.003.00Open
L129 Today's Clinical Periodontics & Implantology Update in Periodontics & Oral Implantology Periodontics02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMJon Suzuki$80.003.00Open
L128 Eating as if Your Life Depends on It 140.18 KB Nutrition02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMMary Ellen Psaltis$80.003.00Open
SL116 Clinical Considerations in Adult & Pediatric OSA: An Otolaryngologist's Perspective Airway & Adult OSA02-24-20228:00 AM9:30 AMJordan Teitelbaum$40.001.50Open
L127 Creative solutions for challenging patients Implants02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMClark Stanford$80.003.00Open
W102 CPR/AED Certification BLS Healthcare Professional CPR/BLS02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMVickie Onesti$80.003.00Open
SL115 CAD/CAM Ceramics in Esthetic Dentistry Prosthodontic Biomaterials02-24-20228:00 AM9:30 AMMarkus Blatz$40.001.50Open
L125 Do's & Don'ts of Porcelain Laminate Veneers 2.21 MB Restorative02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMGerard Kugel$80.003.00Open
W101 The Invisible Class 4 Restoration Restorative02-24-20228:00 AM11:00 AMRobert Margeas$425.003.00Open
L138 Tobacco, Vaping & Cannabis: What do we discuss ? Tobacco, Vaping, Cannabis02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMLarry Williams$80.003.00Open
SL119 Decoding the Algorithm: Social Media Made Easy Social Media02-24-20228:30 AM10:00 AMMinal Sampat$40.001.50Open
L137 The Psychology Behind Success: Secrets the Superstars Know 11.08 KB Psychology02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMBruce Christopher$80.003.00Open
SL118 Ethical- Effective Marketing for Today Marketing02-24-20228:30 AM10:00 AMGrace Rizza$40.001.50Open
L136 Think & Work Like Pediatric Dentist 167.23 KB Pediatrics02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMGreg Psaltis$80.003.00Open
W105AD Introduction to Implant Dentistry: Hands-on Placement with Models Implants02-24-20228:30 AM4:00 PMMichael Pruett$595.006.00Open
W104 Science of Denture Repairs: Techniques For Your Practice Prosthodontics Removable02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMRick Bona$425.003.00Open
L134 Numb, Number, Numbest: Maximizing Local Anesthesia Success through Pharmacology 1.68 MB Anesthesia02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMAlan Budenz$80.003.00Open
L133 Top 10 Management Tools 415.69 KB Business Communications02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMLois Banta$80.003.00Open
W103 Smarten UP, Sharpen UP: It's the right thing to do Hygiene02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMJudy Bendit$200.003.00Open
L135 Dental Assisting Made Easy: Go From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed Dental Auxiliaries02-24-20228:30 AM11:30 AMTanya Brown$80.003.00Open
SL117 Reclaiming Your Insurance System Business Communications02-24-20228:30 AM10:00 AMTeresa Duncan$40.001.50Open