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CodeTitlePDFRecordedSubjectDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe HoursStatus
F100LPD Prosthetic Planning Protocol : with Live Surgical Implant Placement Implants02-21-20199:00 AM12:00 PMRobert Stanley, Bobbi Stanley$0.003.00Sold Out
F101LPD Creating Composite Veneers Restorative02-21-20191:30 PM4:30 PMFrank Milnar$0.003.00Sold Out
P107 Smarten Up, Sharpen Up It's Right Thing to Do Instrument Sharpening02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMJudy Bendit$190.003.00Sold Out
P145 Black is Back 2.96 MB Remineralization02-21-20191:00 PM4:00 PMJudy Bendit$190.003.00Sold Out
P104 Playing With Plastic: Add Denture Repair Lab to Your Practice Denture Repair02-21-20198:00 AM11:00 AMRichard Bona$340.003.00Sold Out
P108 Accurate Alginate Impressions & Model Pouring Techniques Models & Impressions02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMSarah Conroy$190.003.00Sold Out
P108R1 Accurate Alginate Impressions & Model Pouring Models & Impressions02-21-20191:00 PM4:00 PMSarah Conroy$190.003.00Open
P109R1 Seeing is Believing: Workshop to Obliterate Biofilm from Implants & Teeth Hygiene02-21-20191:00 PM4:00 PMKaren Davis, Sam Low$190.003.00Sold Out
P109 Seeing is Believing: Workshop to Obliterate Biofilm From Implants & Teeth Hygiene02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMKaren Davis, Sam Low$190.003.00Sold Out
P141 Prosthetic Implant Complications & Failures Implant Complications02-21-201912:30 PM4:30 PMRobert Friedstat, Edie Gibson, Charles Mastrovich$340.004.00Sold Out
P124 Surgical Extractions: Faster, Easier & Less Stressful 3.34 MB Oral Surgery02-21-20199:00 AM12:00 PMKarl Koerner$440.003.00Sold Out
P124R1 Surgical Extractions: Faster, Easier & Less Stressful 3.34 MB Oral Surgery02-21-20191:30 PM4:30 PMKarl Koerner$440.003.00Sold Out
P125 Are Your Pictures Perfect? How to Produce Quality Radiographs Radiography02-21-20199:00 AM12:00 PMEdwin Parks, Gail Williamson$165.003.00Sold Out
P125R1 Are Your Pictures Perfect? How to Produce Quality Radiographs Radiography02-21-20191:30 PM4:30 PMEdwin Parks, Gail Williamson$165.003.00Sold Out
P103 CPR/AED Training & Certification BLS for Healthcare Professionals CPR/BLS02-21-20198:00 AM11:00 AMVickie Onesti$80.003.00Sold Out
P103R1 CPR AED Training & Certification BLS Healthcare professionals CPR/BLS02-21-201912:30 PM3:30 PMVickie Onesti$80.003.00Sold Out
F106 Can You Really Save That? Restoring primary teeth & the connected child 1.46 MB Pediatric Dentistry02-21-20198:00 AM11:00 AMDavid Rothman$0.003.00Open
C105 Systems,Teams, Technology: Creating Balance Driven Practice for Success 808.87 KB Management02-21-20198:00 AM11:00 AMLaci Phillips$105.003.00Open
C110 Technology in Your Practice: A Review of Products & Look into Future Technology02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMPaul Feuerstein$105.003.00Open
F118 5 Lifestyle Habits that Sabotage Healing Health02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMUche Odiatu$0.003.00Sold Out
C111 Real World Implant Prosthetics Implants02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMSam Strong$105.003.00Open
C147 Introduction to Treating Sleep Apnea In Your Practice Sleep Dentistry02-21-20191:00 PM4:00 PMMark Murphy$105.003.00Open
C113 Anterior Tooth Positioning for Occlusion and Esthetics 209.85 KB Restorative02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMTom McDonald$105.003.00Open
C114 Hygiene Superstar Periodontics02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMMichael Czubiak$105.003.00Open
C115 Creative ways to deal with challenging patients Implants / Prosthodontics02-21-20198:30 AM11:30 AMClark Stanford$105.003.00Open